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HD Lipo Freeze Nano Machine

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The HD Lipo Freeze Nano is an all-in-one compact fat freezing machine. It uses a single applicator to freeze fat cells to -7 degrees in the treated area, causing them to die and leave the body via the lymphatic system. The process is clinically proven and most clients experience results within the 12 weeks following the procedure.

The HD Lipo Freeze Nano machine may be small, but it can administer two treatments per hour, making it ideal for small salons or start-ups with a lower budget.

It’s compact size also means that it’s extremely portable, so it can be taken to the homes of your clients.

The Nano machine is more affordable than our larger HD Lipo Freeze equipment and your costs can be recouped with just ten treatments!

The HD Lipo Freeze Nano machine is also available to rent by the week, so you can try before you buy.

We’re confident that you’ll see an impressive return on your investment, that’s why we also offer to buy the machine back at the original price after six months if you have not recuperated your initial outlay.

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